۱- The Environment:
– ۱۴ pergolas with unique architecture and various capacities.
– Wonderful Iranian Traditional Lounge (Lamkadeh) and Coffee shop with video projection presentation.
– Beautiful halls with various capacities.
– Enclosed-in-glass resting beds with Japanese Catering.
– Resting beds located in roomy spaces surrounded by unique beautiful green coverage.
– Eye-catching and charming sceneries with unique architecture along with beautiful falls as well as heavy handicrafts.

۲- Catering style
– In case you reserve 24 hours before reception, we will greet you with flowers and welcome announcements in your selected spaces.
– Right on your arrival to Tashrifat Catering Complex, we will welcome you by serving a “Welcome Drink” – Tashrifat Drink.

۳- VIP Catering
– Serving 100% natural fruit juice and fruit cocktails.
– After dining, desserts and sliced fruit will be served and then, hot drinks followed by Grade-A nuts chosen from the coffee shop menu will be served.
– Dear guests are free to use traditional café menu options (Iranian Tea, Qalayans, etc) in all selected sections.
– Dear guests are free to take memorable instant photos with instant printing in all selected sections.

۴- Food menu
Tashrifat Catering Complex does its best to satisfy various tastes by enhancing the quality of services and establishing the VIP section. Accordingly, we have included both Mashad traditional country dishes as well as sea food like shrimp, partridge, and duck.
– Also, Tashrifat Catering Complex offers 8 dishes of special food each with 4 distinct types of food to dear guests.

۵- Private parking area:
– Heavy traffic is an integral part of mashad summer country-side. Therefore, owning a private parking lot is a huge advantage. Tashrifat Catering Complex is proud to build a parking area of 1500 m2 with a high capacity.

۶- Iranian Lounge and coffee shop:
– Providing coffee shop services to all pergolas, halls and private coffee shop section with the capacity of 100 individuals per meal.
– Providing traditional services including various types of Iranian tea and qalayans (hookah) with typical or golden flavor inside pergolas, outdoor space or the lounge.

۷- Pergola:
Tashrifat Catering Complex is ready to give services to the dear guests using 27 pergolas with a Chinese bed and chair design.

۸- Catering halls:
Tashrifat Catering Complex is ready to give services to the dear guests using halls with capacities from 70 to 200 individuals.

۹- Outdoor catering space:
Tashrifat Catering Complex is ready to give service to the dear guests using 2 outdoor catering spaces, semi-open space among beautiful nature, with Japanese catering style.

۱۰- Reservation:
– Reservation time is from 10 am up to 12 pm with NO cost. The space for reservation (pergola, resting beds, halls or outdoor) is up to your desire.
– Reservation is made only in person or by phone. Online reservation will be possible using this website.
– In case of previous reservation, a welcome drink, a fruit basket, appropriate pergola design as well as a photo frame decorated with flowers and a welcome message signed by management will be given free.
– Unfortunately, reservations for less than four individuals or, less than two individuals for VIP will not be made. Additionally, reservations will not be made 24 hours before your reception.
– In case of foreign guests, the guest country flag is added at the decoration alongside the flag of Iran.
– Balloons and candles can be used for pergola decoration if desired.

۱۱- Customer service:
– On your arrival to Tashrifat Catering Complex, a feedback form as well as a subscription form will be provided in which you are asked whether you would like to add your date of birth and wedding date. If you provide your wedding date and date of birth to us, then we will message you and announce our sincere greetings 3 days before your given dates using our SMS system.

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