۱- Tashrifat Catering Complex is ready for more glorious holding of your wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, etc. in its luxury pergolas and halls with a capacity of 200 individuals.
۲- Tashrifat Catering Complex is ready for your business meetings using its various pergolas and halls.
۳- In a set of delightful and roomy environments surrounded by more than 100 different species of plants, Tashrifat Catering Complex is ready to welcome our wonderful guests.
۴- Tashrifat Catering Complex is ready to give services for wedding and engagement ceremonies of our guests.
۵- Tashrifat Catering Complex is ready to give services for holding a variety of commercial, business, and cultural conferences and seminars.
۶- Providing a very beautiful Iranian Traditional Lounge (Lamkadeh) next to our well-equipped Coffee Shop, Tashrifat Catering Complex is ready to give any kind of service to dear guests.
۷- Full coffee shop-traditional café services on all of the pergolas and resting beds along with serving food with NO time limit.
۸- Taking memorable photos in our wonderful environment and beautiful pergolas. You will receive your photos in less than a few minutes.
۹- Reservations are made from 10 am up to 12 pm using phone numbers: 0098 512 4253541 – ۰۰۹۸ ۵۱۲ ۴۲۵۳۸۳۲٫
۱۰- Tashrifat Catering Complex owns a private parking space of 1500 m2
۱۱- In case of foreign guests, the flag of the foreign country will be added to the decorations.
۱۲- Your pergola will be decorated with balloons and candles IF you like.
۱۳- On your arrival to Tashrifat Catering Complex, a feedback form as well as a subscription form will be provided in which you are asked whether you would like to add your date of birth and wedding date. If you provide your wedding date and date of birth to us, then we will message you and announce our sincere greetings 3 days before your given dates using our SMS system.

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