Reservations are currently only done by phone or in person. Here in Tashrifat, reservations are possible from 10 to 12 without payment. Selection of catering area (pergola, bed, lounge, and outdoor) goes with your taste.
Reservation contact numbers: 0098 512 435 35 21 – ۰۰۹۸ ۵۱۲ ۴۳۵ ۳۸ ۳۲
Address: 500 meters before Jaqarq village, Jaqarq road, Torqabeh, Mashhad, Iran
It should be noted that in the near future, the online reservation website will be active.
In case of previous reservation, a welcome drink, a fruit basket, appropriate pergola design as well as a photo frame decorated with flowers and a welcome message signed by management will be given free.
Reservations for less than four-or two receptions and before 24 hours for VIP (the description is visible on Differences page) will not be done.
Balloons and candles can be used for pergola decoration if desired
In case of foreign guests, the guest country flag is added at the decoration alongside the flag of Iran.

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